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How to maintain small excavator and bucket

(1).Preparation before using the excavator

1. Inspection of three oils and one liquid: hydraulic oil, engine oil and diesel oil inspection, especially hydraulic oil and engine oil, which must meet the standards specified by the manufacturer. The coolant must be in a saturated state, and check the cooling system for leaks.

2. Where grease (butter) needs to be added, the grease must be completely filled.

3. The dirt and debris on the inside of the crawler should be cleaned as much as possible. After cleaning, observe the tension of the crawler and add grease according to the standard to ensure the normal use of the walking mechanism.

4. If the bucket teeth and side teeth are seriously worn, they should be replaced in time to ensure the normal digging force of the excavator.

(2). Places to be noted in the use of excavators

1. After the excavator is started, let the engine run at low speed and no load for a period of time (the length of time depends on the temperature), and wait for the engine temperature to increase properly before carrying out high-load excavation.

2. Before excavation, all standard actions of the excavator should be operated without load to check for abnormal noise and abnormal shape.

3. When excavating, the excavator should use reasonable and standard excavation actions to ensure the maximum excavation strength of the excavator, and also reduce the normal loss of structural parts.

4. When the excavator is working continuously for a long time, it should check each system, especially the maintenance of the structural parts, observe the parts that need to be lubricated within a certain period of time, and the grease needs to be added (it is recommended to check and add 5-6 hours) .

5. In the case of relatively bad working conditions (sludge, weeds, clay, etc.), debris should be cleaned up in time to ensure the normal operation of the excavator, especially the engine is the main part, and there should be no debris around the engine to ensure Normal heat dissipation of the engine.

Post time: Jun-16-2020