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Introduction and advantages of XCMG DK series excavators  

 As a leading enterprise in China's construction machinery industry, XCMG exhibited its super-strong "steel team" XCMG DK series excavators to show the style of a major country.

 In order to meet the "most complex construction conditions and the most comprehensive application requirements", XCMG excavator, based on the existing ace products-D series excavators, conducts in-depth investigation to understand the mine construction conditions and customer needs, and Big data analysis of excavators active in heavy-duty working conditions has successfully created DK series high-end products suitable for heavy-duty working conditions such as mine construction.

The fuel consumption of the whole machine is reduced by more than 5%, especially in the crushing condition. The fuel consumption is reduced by 20%; the efficiency of the mine is increased by 10%, and the digging force is increased by 11%; the new rock bucket is used to increase the bucket teeth and lip protection , Side reinforcement plate, better impact resistance and wear resistance; the overall working device life is extended by 20%; with the ability to adapt to 50 ° high temperature environment. This release DK series products include seven new products such as 15 tons, 22 tons, 24 tons, etc., with the three leading areas of reliability, energy saving and efficiency, and the powerful of “more adaptability of the two major working conditions” of crushing and mining The advantage can be called the "new benchmark" in the field of mining excavation machinery in China. Xuzhou Wuzhijia Machinery, mainly provides various types of excavator sales and parts maintenance services.

Post time: Jun-16-2020