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Air Precleaner/Excavator Air Precleaner

Short Description:

Technical data: ★ airflow range:CFM 400-750/ CMM 11.3-21.2 ★ weight:7.6kg ★ Overall dimension: 310mm(length)*468mm(height) Widely used in XCMG Excavator,Loader,scrapers,Road rollers,tractors,trucks,forklifts.....

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Benefits & Features:

--extending your filter life by 2-8 times
--reducing engine wear and tear
--minimizing costly equipment downtime
--reducing equipment maintenance cost
--prolonging engine and turbocharger life
--increasing your engine performance and improving fuel economy
--Virtually require no maintenance
Applicable models XCMG full range of excavators
Material coding 800101420 800104594 800104259
Material name KA30 air pre-filter KA50-00-6 pre-filter assembly KA70-7 pre-filter
Brand XCMG
Origin Xuzhou
product category Wearing parts
inventory Spot
product manual Used to initially filter the air entering the engine

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