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0015D010BN4HC filter element (spare part)

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Applicable models XCMG XE60/XE60CA/XE60D/XE75/XE80D
Material coding 803199230
Material name 0015D010BN4HC filter element
Brand XCMG
Origin Shanghai City
product category Maintenance parts
inventory Spot
product manual The filter element is installed in the accumulator, inside the pilot oil source block

Product Overview


Special hydraulic filter and oil suction filter for XCMG excavator are made of XCMG special customized filter materials, which are more impact resistant under large flow conditions, and have obvious interception effect of high efficiency and large particle fiber. The oil return filter adopts high precision and efficiency filter materials. The sealing adhesives are imported from Thailand and the United States to ensure the stable and leak-free sealing performance of the filter element, and the efficient oil return filter can effectively capture the tiny particles in the oil, effectively protect the main pump, main valve, motor and other hydraulic components, to avoid the wear and stuck of foreign matters, reduce the shutdown fault, and realize the greater value of the equipment. 

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